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HomoeoPathic Medical Health Guide

This entire database compilation project is being managed by S. A. Publication, a Kanpur based company lanched by Mr. Aditya Awasthi. S. A. Publication was started with a view to promote homoeopathy and publish both government and non-government information about homoeopathy through an annual magazine titled "Homoeopathic Medical & Health Guide". Ever since its inception in the year 2004, the company has been collecting homoeopathic data on a regular basis and publishing the same.
Today the company has covered 156 towns and 74 major districts of Uttar Pradesh and has plans to cover all the disctrics of Uttar Pradesh by the end of this year. The magazine has been praised by all the doctors and who ever is concerned with homoeopathy. With the recent advancement in internet and mobile services, the company launched its website to provide most valuable and hard to find information of homoeopathy to any one with interner facilty. The information on website is updated regularly. The company plans to launch the mobile version of the website so that it wiil be a pleasant experience for the people with smartphone.

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