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Name Qualification & Expert Year Mobile Address
Dr Ashok kumar Singh B.H.M.S( R.B.T.S.H.M.C&H ) Muzaffarpur Bihar ,Expert-Ovarian Cist ( More Than 1000 Cured Cases), Uterine Fibroid ( More Than 80 Cured Cases), 1991 9415997881,9450709339,
Pooja Health Care 1-Below Allahabad Bank Lohta Vns 2-Jakhani Road In Front Of Veternary Hospital Raja Talab Vns Resi-Village-Vishunpur ,Post-Lohta ,Tehsil -Raja Talab ,Dist- Vns
Dr Kailash Nath Verma B.H.M.S ( S.T.D.H.M.C&H) Jaunpur,Expert- Arthritis ,Liver,G.I.T ,Kidney Stone , Gynaecological Disorder , Assistant -Dr Ashok Kumar Patel -(Over 26 Year Pratical Experianced) 1991 7376639196, 9935288012,
Homoeopathic Chikitsa Kendra -1-Raja Talab Rani Bazar Vns 2-Ayar Bazar-Sindhora Road Vns Resi- Village &Post Shivrampur. Tehsil-Sadar Dist Vns

Dr Rakesh Singh B.H.M.S( S.K.G.K.H.M.C&H) Moradabad U.P ,Director- Sri Ganesh Seva Samiti Raja Talab Varanasi ,Expert-Skin, Arthritis ,G.I.T ,Kidney Stone Gynaecological Disorder 2002 9335291158 ,8400006889,
Sri Ganesh Homoeopathic Clinic 1-Railway Station Road Raja Talab Vns 2-In Front of Oriantal Bank Chitaipur vns Resi-Village-Mehadiganj,Post&Tehsil-Rajatalab Dist-Vns